Superior Characteristics of WaterSep’s Hollow Fibers

WaterSep hollow fiber membranes are a proprietary modified polyethersulfone (m-PES) for a robust hollow fiber with excellent properties.

Humectant Free the Green and Steamer lines eliminate time-consuming pre-rinsing and cleaning validation.

Antifouling and Low Binding for high product yields.

Highly Permeable to shorten process time.

Extremely Tight Specifications for more consistent batch-to-batch and cartridge-to-cartridge results.

Robust Membranes with a unique asymmetric macrovoid-free structure produces a longer service life and a low risk of product loss.

Proven Performance Advantages of Hollow Fiber Filters

WaterSep’s hollow fiber filters have no retentate screens, in scalable sizes and Steamer & ReUse lines are easy to clean.

Open Flow Path WaterSep hollow fiber cartridges avoid dead spots, prevents fouling with high solids loading or turbid feed streams for faster process times.

Scalable WaterSep’s Green, Steamer and ReUse lines are offered in four different lengths 12”, 24”, 41” and 43”*, and 8 different cartridge diameters from 0.38” (0.95 cm) to 6.01” (15.28 cm), for easy scalability. *Steamer not available in 43”.

Easy to Clean/Sanitize HF cartridge construction makes cleaning and sanitizing the Steamer and ReUse lines easier and more effective.