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The Steamer hollow fiber cartridges are gamma irradiated, autoclavable, re-usable hollow fiber cartridge, based on a, low binding, anti-fouling, modified PES hollow fiber membrane.
The WaterSep product offering is based on 3 fluid path lengths -12" - 24" - 41"- that are consistent throughout the entire product line.
ReUse HF Cartridges
The kits include as needed reducers, connectors, locking rings, single use pressure sensors to enable monitoring of trans-membrane pressure(TMP), plugs, pinch valves, silicone gaskets, tees, clamps, and caps.
WaterSep FlowStands™ and FlowStand™ Cartridge Holders are designed to vertically orient WaterSep cartridges for purposes of running a filtration application.
The FlowStand™ Cartidge Holder is designed to be used with a FlowStand™. Select the Cartridge Holder that matches your FlowStand™ and WaterSep cartridge.
FlowStand™ Cartridge Holders
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