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Explorer41 Green - 6 pack
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Explorer41 Green - 6 pack
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Sample Volume
1/2" (13mm) X 41.8" (580mm)
Membrane Area
0.62 ft2 (579 cm2)

Explorer41 Green – Single Use Hollow Fiber Cartridges

Explorer41 Green is ready to use without any pre-rinse or sanitization. The Watersep Green Line is true plug-and-play, connect, use and discard.

The Explorer Green products are available in 12", 24" and 41" fiber lengths, and the membrane cut-off/pore sizes are identical with the Discover Green, Investigator Green and the Producer Green line, which makes scale-up very convenient and predictable.

The extractable level is approximately 80x less, than a glycerin conditioned membrane, (see graph below), and after a quick buffer conditioning the HF cartridge is ready to use.

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Recommended batch volume per cartridge is 300-30000ml or up to 1500ml/h.

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