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Discover24 Green - 12 pack
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Discover24 Green - 12 pack
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Sample Volume
3/8” (9.4 mm) x 24” (600 mm)
Membrane Area
0.115 ft2 (107 cm2)

Discover24 Green - Single Use Hollow Fiber Cartridges - Easy and Reliable

Discover24 Green is glycerin free and ready to use, without any pre-rinse or sanitization. The WaterSep Green Line is true plug-and-play at its best. Connect, use and discard.

The Discover Green cartridges are available in 12", 24" and 41" lengths and membrane cut-offs/pore sizes that are identical to the large Explorer, Investigator, mini-BioProducer and BioProducer cartridges, which makes scale-up very convenient and predictable.

The extractable level is approximately 80x less than a glycerin conditioned membrane, (see graph below) and after a quick buffer conditioning the HF cartridge is ready to use.

Discover24 Green hollow fiber cartridges are the products of choice for rapid clarification of small volumes of cell culture, fermentation solutions and virus/vaccine suspensions utilizing WaterSep’s unique low binding glycerin free microfiltration membranes in 0.1, 0.2, and 0.45 um.

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Recommended batch volume per cartridge is 50-400ml or up to 250ml/h.

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