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Discover12 ReUse - 1 pack
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Discover12 ReUse - 1 pack
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Sample Volume
3/8” (9.4 mm) x 12” (30 mm)
Membrane Area
0.056 ft2 (52 cm2)

The Discover12 hollow fiber cartridges are the product of choice for membrane screening of cut-offs and pore sizes, or for generating early scale-up data for process development. It’s also a perfect tool for scale down in trouble shooting process variations.

Discover12 are ideal for processing small volumes of fermentation broth, cell suspensions, vaccines, enzymes, antibodies peptides and other proteins.

The Discover cartridges are available in 12", 24" and 41” lengths and the membrane cut-offs/pore sizes that are identical to the larger Explorer, Researcher, Investigator, mini-BioProducer, and BioProducer cartridges, which makes scale-up very convenient and predictable.

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Recommended sample volume for Discover12 is 10-250ml, or a permeate flow rate of up to 125 ml/hr.

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