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mini-BioProducer24 Green - 3 Pack
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mini-BioProducer24 Green - 3 Pack
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Sample Volume
2.70” (68.6 mm) x 26.50” (673.1 mm)
Membrane Area
14.5 ft2 (1.35 m2)

The mini-BioProducer Green hollow fiber membrane products incorporates our latest glycerin free, low extractable modified polyethersulfon membrane technology. All Green Line products are gamma irradiated and ready to use without any tedious pre-rinse. The Green Line hollow fiber products from WaterSep are true plug-and-play at its best. Connect-Use-Discard!

The extractable level for the Researcher Green Line is approximately 80x less than a glycerin conditioned HF cartridge or flat sheet cassette. (Please see graph below). After a quick buffer conditioning the Green HF cartridge is ready to use.

The mini-BioProducer Green membrane hollow fiber cartridges are small scale production cartridges for batch volumes between 5L – 250L and is also the perfect choice for scale up studies to Maximizer Green multi cartridge systems with membrane surface area > 20 m2. The membrane surface area is between 0.65 cm2 for the mini-BioProducer12 and up to 2.5 m2 for mini-BioProducer41.

The mini-BioProducer Green cartridges are available with WaterSep’s glycerin free low binding antifouling modified polyethersulfon membrane, with molecular weight cut-off (MWCO) from 3K to 750 K and 0.1 um, 0.2 um and 0.45 um. The fluid path length is similar to all other WaterSep HF cartridges which makes scale up/scale down easy and predictable.

Batch volumes between 10L-125L or a permeate flow rate of 40L/h.

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