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Maximizer24 ReUse - 1 pack
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Maximizer24 ReUse - 1 pack
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Sample Volume
4.62” (117 mm) x 28.8” (731 mm)
Membrane Area
58.4 ft2 (5.42 m2)

The Maximizer series is a group of hollow fiber cartridges for large scale processing of biopharmaceuticals and food and beverage products up to 1000L/cartridge. The Maximizer is available with 5 m2 or 10 m2 of membrane surface area, utilizing WaterSep’s antifouling, high capacity modified polyethersulfone (PES) membrane. All Maximizer HF cartridges are available with pore size from 3K up to 750 K MWCO and 0.1 um, 0.2 um and 0.45 um, which makes it ideal for concentration/diafiltration applications as well as upstream clarification and cell harvest.

The Maximizer product line is based on over 25 years of membrane development experience from the biopharmaceutical market. It represents the very latest in membrane technology and offer significant improvements in binding and anti fouling properties as well as higher flow characteristics and overall capacity The modified membrane makes it particularly suited for process streams containing antifoaming substances and lipids.

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Typical applications are:
• clarification of cell or bacteria suspensions in primary recovery processes
• clarification and concentration of vaccines
• concentration of monoclonal antibodies and other genetically based macromolecules
• concentration and diafiltration of of proteins and enzymes

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