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June 2017

WaterSep’s industry leading cross flow hollow fiber cartridges and integrated assemblies were showcased by ITOCHU MACHINE-TECHNOS CORPORATION at INTERPHEX JAPAN 2017, the world’s leading pharmaceutical research and development, and manufacturing expo with over 48,000 visitors attending.

May 2017

Come visit WaterSep at the American Biomanufacturing Summit and see first hand our innovative cross flow hollow fiber products.

With the Green Line single use products we are leading the industry trend in single use cross flow technology. WaterSep’s Green Line is manufactured without humectants and is ready to use without any pre-rinse or sanitization. You can explore the possibility of using a Green Line cartridge in your process with one of our experts.

Save time and money on assembly, shorter process times, and eliminate tedious pre treatment and post cleaning. Increase your production capacity and minimize your Capex investments.

WaterSep products are manufactured in a ISO 9001-2015 certified facility.

December 2016

We at WaterSep want to thank all our customers for your support and loyalty during 2016 - the most significant year in WaterSep’s 10 year history.

Among the company’s numerous achievements in 2016, WaterSep received its ISO 9001:2015 certification, registration number 19.8073. All WaterSep hollow fiber cartridge are manufactured under ISO 9001 standards, and supported by our Quality Assurance group which has over 20 years of experience in cross flow membrane separations compliance. Let us assist you in meeting the regulatory needs for your existing or new membrane separations processes.

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November 2016

WaterSep is pleased to offer LOABeads MabKits for High Capacity Purification of Monoclonal Antibodies

Why run protein A chromatography with columns, pumps and complicated AKTA systems, when all you need is a test tube and a magnet!

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For additional information email: contact@watersep.net


Eliminate the Square Peg in the Round Hole!

Join the growing group of WaterSep cross-flow customers and run your upstream and downstream membrane applications on the Green Line Single Use hollow fiber cartridges and assemblies.

With WaterSep’s Single Use hollow fiber cartridges and assemblies you can have a true single use cross flow system, with dedicated ready to use devices, gamma irradiated, self-contained and truly developed for single use. No humectants – no pre-rinse!

  • Self-contained hollow fiber cartridges– no assembly – no expensive and heavy hardware
  • Competitive cost of ownership
  • Consistent membrane performance batch-to-batch
  • Individual cartridges or complete assemblies
  • Available for Lab – Pilot - Process Scale
True Plug and Play. No Compromise.

Become a Green Line Single Use Team Member!!

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August 2016

WaterSep’s has Moved into an Expansive State of the Art Facility

WaterSep has moved into a purpose-built manufacturing facility with state of the art hollow fiber and cartridge fabrication capabilities to meet the growing demand for our innovative and exciting hollow fiber products. Located near the intersections of Interstate 495 and 290 on Massachusetts’ newest high tech corridor, WaterSep’s new facility includes expansive clean room capabilities, newly equipped application laboratories, seminar/training rooms and multiple product development laboratories. Thank you to all the WaterSep customers who have made this expansion a reality.

Watersep Corporate Headquarters


July 2016

WaterSep Introduces the mini-BioProducer

WaterSep has launched the mini-BioProducer series cartridge for processing volumes between 5 and 250 Liters. This cartridge has ½ the surface area of our well-received BioProducer series. It is designed to meet your cross-flow process development and small batch production needs. (The mini-BioProducer is available in all three of our hollow fiber product lines, Green (single use), Steamer (autoclavable) and ReUse in our standard 12, 24 and 41 inch path lengths.

  • The mini-BioProducer Green is a ready to use, single use, gamma irradiated, hollow fiber cartridge offered in single cartridge configurations or as complete assemblies with pressure sensors, recirculation pumps, and/or bags to match your exact needs and specifications.
  • The mini-BioProducer Steamer HF cartridges are autoclavable, ready to use, cross flow cartridges for lab and process perfusion applications that are compatible with most ATF systems and easy to use in any cross-flow lab or process perfusion system.
  • The mini-BioProducer ReUse cartridges offer a high flux, low binding, hollow fiber cartridge product that can be used repeatedly in upstream and downstream applications and processes.

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mini-BioProducer Green

mini-BioProducer Steamer

mini-BioProducer ReUse


 August 2015

Available Now - WaterSep’s Autoclavable Steamer Series for Cell Perfusion Applications

WaterSep’s Steamer hollow fiber cartridge for perfusion/ATF™ applications are autoclavable, glycerin free, gamma irradiated and ready to use. Available in most sizes for the Repligen ATF™ systems, the Steamer cartridges can be utilized in regular perfusion systems with a recirculating pump. The Steamer HF cartridges can be repetitively autoclaved and cleaned and sanitized in 1 N NaOH. WaterSep's Steamer product line utilizes a proprietary heat resistant, glycerin free, low binding modified polyethersulfone membrane, which is ready to use and does not require extensive rinsing prior to autoclaving or use. Steamer products are available both with a UF membrane for media replacement, or with a MF membrane for product collection and media replacement.

Steamer HF Cartridge Recommendations

Steamer HF Cartridge: Recommended Cell Culture Volume/Permeate Flow Rates
Discover Steamer                 10-400ml              300ml/hr
Explorer Steamer                 150-3000ml           950ml/hr
Researcher Steamer             0.4-8L                   2.5L/hr
Investigator Steamer            1-25L                    8L/hr

mini-BioProducer Steamer     5-250L                  20L/h-60L/h
BioProducer Steamer            25-500L                40L/h-120L/h

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June 2015

The Researcher Trio has arrived!

Missed by many - wanted by all, the Researcher hollow fiber, cross flow cartridges have arrived. Researcher cartridges are ideal for the lab with membrane surface areas that range from 444 cm2 for the Researcher 12 up to 1,715 cm2 for the Researcher 41. The Researcher cartridges are the perfect choice for scale up/scale down studies and preparative biopharmaceutical work with sample volumes between 400 ml up to 6000 ml.

Available in all three of the WaterSep series, The Green Line (single use), the autoclavable Steamer series, and the ReUse Line, the Researcher is offered with molecular weight cut-offs (MWCO) from 3K to 750K, pore sizes of 0.1 um, 0.2 um and 0.45 um and three path lengths, 12”, 24” and 41”.

  • Choose a Researcher Green cartridge for upstream and downstream single use, cross flow applications.
  • Researcher Steamer cartridges are ideal for perfusion applications and aseptic processes.
  • The Researcher ReUse cartridges, which can be sanitized and cleaned in 0.5-1.0 N NaOH, and stored in 0.1 N NaOH between uses, are designed for upstream cell harvest and cell clarification, and downstream ultrafiltration and diafiltration.

Researcher HF Cartridge Recommendations 

Researcher HF Cartridge: Recommended Sample Batch Volume/Permeate Flow Rate

Researcher12 Green, Researcher12 Steamer, Researcher12 ReUse: 0.4L-2L 1.4L/h
Researcher24 Green, Researcher24 Steamer, Researcher24 ReUse: 0.7L-4L 2.5L/h
Researcher41 Green, Researcher41 Steamer, Researcher41 ReUse: 1L-8L 5L/h

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Researcher Green
Researcher Steamer
Researcher ReUse


WaterSep’s 2.0 mm ID Membrane Fibers ideal for viscous fluids or suspensions.

WaterSep launches its 2.0mm ID membrane lines.  Available in our Green Line (single use), autoclavable Steamer and ReUse (repeat use) series this fiber ID is well suited for viscous or particle-laden solutions. The 2.0mm fiber ID  is an ideal choice for microbead purification.

WaterSep’s Green Line Single Use Hollow Fiber Cartridges

Possibly the biggest innovation to the cross flow filtration market in a very long time! The Green Line is a true ready to use, glycerin free, Single Use, gamma irradiated hollow fiber cartridge for cross-flow UF/DF and MF applications. Available for sample volumes/batches from 10 ml up to 1000 L and greater. The Green Line can be used in a conventional stainless steel cross flow process system or fully integrated into a bag assembly with single use sensors.

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New to the Market – WaterSep’s Steamer Autoclavable Hollow Fiber Cartridges

WaterSep has developed the Steamer: An autoclavable, glycerin free, ready to use, gamma irradiated hollow fiber cartridge for perfusion/ATF applications as well as aseptic or sterile processing. The Steamer can be repetitively autoclaved and is compatible with 1M caustic for cleaning and sanitization. Based on WaterSep’s proprietary, glycerin free, low binding modified polyethersulfone membrane technology, the Steamer does not require extensive rinsing prior to autoclaving or use.



WaterSep’s Largest Cartridge - The Maximizer Series

WaterSep launches its largest HF cartridge yet, the Maximizer series.  Designed for large scale processing WaterSep’s Maximzer HF cartridges process volumes >1000 liters in single or multi cartridge configurations.
The Maximizer HF cartridges are available in MWCO from 3K to 750K and 0.1 um to 0.65 um, for concentration/diafiltration and for cell harvest and clarification. 

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Maximizer Green

Maximizer ReUse


WaterSep Launches Single Use Gamma Irradiated Hollow Fiber Cartridges. “Connect-use-discard.”

WaterSep has developed a unique line of single-use, glycerin free (GF), low extractables hollow fiber cartridges that significantly reduce the cost of ownership and eliminate pre-rinsing of the membrane. WaterSep’s single-use hollow fiber cartridges – The Green Line – are manufactured in a completely glycerin free, environmentally friendly process, hence no pre-rinsing of the membrane is required. This saves valuable time and the consumption of large amounts of high purity water. The Green Line is available in WaterSep’s well-accepted hollow fiber format for laboratory and process applications.

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