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Attila Herczeg Attila Herczeg

The founder, CEO and President of WaterSep BioSeparations, Attila Herczeg has over thirty years of technical and management experience developing, manufacturing and selling advanced ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes and products. He is the founder of three companies, holds numerous patents and has developed WaterSep’s unique ready to use crossflow membrane products for single use bioprocessing.

Mr. Herczeg, a chemical engineer, became head of Research and Development for Filtron Technology Corporation where he developed advanced membranes including virus retentive membranes for biopharma applications. In addition, he was the Head of Advanced Applications. Upon the sale of Filtron to Pall Corporation, Mr. Herczeg became a corporate officer for Pall and was named Vice President of Research and Development for Pall Biopharmaceuticals.

Subsequently Mr. Herczeg founded the membrane separations company InnovaSep Technology Corporation. After its acquisition by Amersham BioSciences, Mr. Herczeg led the integration of InnovaSep and a second company into a new entity that now operates as GE Healthcare in Westborough, MA.

Protonex, another company of which Mr. Herczeg was the founding CEO, utilized Mr. Herczeg’s separation technology to manufacture advanced fuel cells. In 2015, Protonex became part of a Canadian power company Ballard Power Systems a global leader in PEM (proton exchange membrane) fuel cell technology.

Bengt Persson Bengt Persson
Vice President Marketing and Business Development

A founder and Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at WaterSep BioSeparations, Bengt has over 40 years of experience in the biopharmacueutical industry; marketing and selling hollow fiber and flatsheet membrane products, and chromatography products to large pharmaceutical companies and life sciences organizations. He has founded and run companies in Europe and in the United States and has extensive experience in international sales and distribution, biopharmaceutical operations, as well as product marketing and business development.

Bengt earned his Masters of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Lund in Sweden in 1976. Shortly thereafter he joined Millipore Corporation where he held several sales and marketing positions in Europe. In 1984, Bengt signed on with Filtron Technology as President of Filtron Scandinavia. Following Filtron’s acquisition by Pall Corporation in 1995, Bengt was named Pall’s Senior Vice President of Marketing for cross flow products. Subsequently, Bengt held vice president and director positions at Lonza Biologics, Amersham and GE Healthcare. In the early years of 2000, Bengt founded and ran a management consulting company in Boston which focused on employee development and productivity before becoming WaterSep’s first VP of Marketing and Sales in 2005.

Suzanne Healy Susanne Healey
In-House Counsel

In-House counsel, Susanne Healey, has been with WaterSep since its inception in 2001. Prior to WaterSep, Ms. Healey served as in-house counsel for InnovaSep Technology Corporation providing legal services from the corporation’s incorporation through its sale to Amersham Biosciences Corporation, now currently doing business as GE Healthcare BioSciences and for Protonex Corporation prior to its sale to Ballard Power Systems. Ms. Healey has worked in the corporate legal field since 1983 and has served as President of two local nonprofit organizations.

Dr. Victor Narh Accam Dr. Victor Narh Accam
Vice President Finance and Administration

Dr. Victor Narh Accam, has twenty years of finance experience in the biopharmaceutical filtration industry, including the oversight of due diligence for successful mergers and start-ups, cost accounting, and project management. Prior to joining WaterSep, Dr. Accam was the Unit Controller at GE Health Sciences and Amersham BioSciences Westborough, Massachusetts location; InnovaSep Technology Corporation’s Controller; and head of the finance department for Filtron Technology Corporation. Dr. Accam received an MBA and Doctorate in Law and Policy from Northeastern University and presently serves as an adjunct faculty member of the Business and Professional Studies Department of a Massachusetts college.

Nancy Barton Nancy Barton

WaterSep’s Controller, Nancy Barton, has 35 years of accounting experience working with small businesses and individuals, managing bookkeeping, cash flow, budget planning and human resources. Part of the WaterSep team since 2011, Ms. Barton manages the processing of all accounting transactions, assists in the development and implementation of HR policy and is responsible for shipments and export licensing. Ms. Barton has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and is certified by U.S. Department of Commerce in export controls.

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