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To ensure our position as filtration technology innovators, WaterSep focuses on a few key industries—continually striving to improve our separations products.

This focus also enables us to accumulate—and disseminate—the kind of in-depth application knowledge and “best practices” that help our customers quickly develop effective processes and stay ahead in industries such as:

Food and Beverage — fractionation, concentration, stabilization and clarification of whey protein, beer, wine, fruit juices, vinegar, and gelatin.
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Biopharmaceutical/Bioindustrial — primary recovery, vaccine purification and concentration, cell washing, cell harvesting, bacteria separation in fermentation broths, debris removal post-centrifugation, primary recovery of recombinant biopharmaceuticals, vaccine purification and concentration, and macromolecule concentration and diafiltration.
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Do you have another application we can improve?
Process engineers, designers, and others facing difficult filtration challenges are encouraged to call WaterSep’s Innovation Team to discuss customized or OEM solutions.


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Talk with an Expert
If you're looking for some sound filtration advice for your application, call us at: 508-970- 0089 x204 or email an expert directly at: ExpertTalk

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