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Hollow Fibers and primary recovery in Biopharmaceutical Filtration
Hollow fiber cartridges provide a superior format with antifouling protection for use in particle laden biopharmaceutical solutions.

Many cell clarification processes employ centrifuges, single flow cartridges, and plate and frame depth filters, or combinations for cell removal prior to chromatographic separations. Due to incomplete removal of cells or cell debris in the product streams, down-stream chromatrography columns can become fouled by these particulates leading to high pressure drops, unsatisfactory purification, and expensive premature failure of the chromatography media.

WaterSep hollow fiber membranes are recommended for removal of cells and cell debris prior to chromatography separartions, where filtrates from conventional filtration methods CAN cause premature clogging of the chromatography columns. The low protein binding antifouling membranes excel at resisting fouling from anti foam materials typically found in cell broths in these product streams. Reduced fouling leads to higher product transmission resulting in improved yields.

The WaterSep antifouling membranes also provides an advantage in cleaning during membrane recovery leading to reduced chemical consumption, less system downtime and longer service life.

The antifouling properties can typically result in less batch- to-batch variation and reduced risk for cross contamination, improving over all process economy. Hollow fibers are a very cost effective format for concentration/diafiltration of dilute biomolecule solutions. and are ideal in processes where single use membrane devices are desired.

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Applications include:

• Cell separation from fermentation broths
• Cell washing
• Cell debris removal from post-centrifuge processes
• Primary recovery of recombinant biopharmaceuticals
• Vaccine purification and concentration
• Macromolecule concentration and diafiltration


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