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Consistent Batch-to-Batch Filtration Performance in Food and Beverage Processes

A major concern in food and beverage filtration applications is the reduction in filtration capacity during continuous operations or in batch-to-batch processing, due to membrane fouling. WaterSep’s anti-fouling hollow fiber membranes prevent this decline in capacity by minimizing irreversible foulant build-up on the membrane during concentration and clarification applications. The result is a more consistent batch-to-batch performance and a longer service life.

WaterSep’s hollow fiber cartridges are far less susceptible to particle loaded process streams than spiral-wound cartridges. Spiral-wound membranes rely on retentate screens that present a significant risk for particle entrapment. This “hang-up” phenomenon creates dead spots behind the screens and causes blockage of the channels which not only make it difficult to recover or separate the particles, but also make cleaning and sanitizing less effective, drastically shortening the service life of the spiral cartridge.

Typical applications for WaterSep’s hollow fiber cartridges in food and beverage applications are clarification, concentration fractionation and stabilization of liquids such as:

• Dairy products
• Beer and wine
• Fruit juices
• Vinegar
• Gelatin
• Mineral water


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