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WaterSep membrane technology – asymmetric, void free, antifouling hollow fiber membranes with high capacity.

WaterSep hollow fiber membranes are manufactured using a unique combination of modified polyethersulfone (PES) and a proprietory spinning process, which results in an asymmetric, void free hollow fiber membrane with excellent antifouling and flow capacity properties.

The WaterSep hollow fiber products are characterized by:

Inherently Superior Characteristics
• Antifouling polyethersulfone (PES) composition for regulatory satisfaction
• Void free structure for sustained reliable performance
• Optimized for specific applications

Proven Performance Advantages
• Low fouling / Anti-dead spot design
• High flow rate / High capacity
• Easy cleanability
• Longer service life / Better economics

WaterSep gives you...

The Right Material
WaterSep’s membranes are created from a specially designed, antifouling polyethersulfone (PES), exhibiting exceptional chemical and physical properties. PES meets the strictest regulatory requirements for food products and biopharmaceutical processing. The antifouling properties of the membrane makes it ideal for most applications involving lipids, fat, grease and oil/water as well as antifoams commonly used in fermentation broths.

The Right Performance

WaterSep membranes have a unique void free structure, which is significantly stronger than competitive finger void membrane structures. This structure results in a stronger membrane with a longer service life and significantly lower risk for fiber breakage and product loss. The membrane also has a very high water and process permeability, resulting in higher process capacity and lower cost of ownership.

Traditional "finger void" membrane.
  Hollow Fibers
WaterSep void free membrane structure

The above images show the difference between a traditional finger void membrane and WaterSep's void free matrix. The void free structure gives a mechanically stronger, more robust membrane with extended service life and reduced cost of ownership.

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