Choose the optimum WaterSep hollow fiber membrane and cartridge size for your crossflow application needs.

1 Select Your Hollow Fiber Membrane by Fiber ID and Pore Size

The General rule for choosing the correct pore size/MWCO and achieving > 95% retention is that the macromolecule be 5-6x larger than the pore size/MWCO of the selected membrane.


2 Select Your Cartridge Size

3 Scaling Up Your Process

When you scale up your process and need a larger cartridge go to our Product Selection Calculator in CrossflowExpertTM, or use the following equation to determine the filter membrane area for your optimum size cartridge and cross reference the surface area to the cartridge listed on our HF Cartridge Selection Table found in Step 1 above:

Recommendation:  When increasing the size (surface area) of your cartridge we recommend that you maintain your cartridge length (12”, 24”, 41” or 43”) and choose a cartridge with a larger diameter.  In the alternative, you can increase the size of your cartridge by selecting a cartridge with a longer fluid path length.

We are committed to providing you with the optimum cartridge for your application. Kindly contact us at and let us help you with your WaterSep hollow fiber cartridge selection.