WaterSep BioSeparations Opens the Door for Extended Customer Application Support and Development Services

WaterSep offers high-level application and process development programs for upstream and downstream crossflow processes using our high-performance hollow fiber cartridges.

Our team members have extensive experience in membrane unit operations, with a strong focus on crossflow cell clarification and concentration/diafiltration for biopharmaceutical processes.

WaterSep know-how is available in a more structured form for exploratory application work and process development including testing with documented results and recommendations for scale-up strategies for crossflow processes.

With an increasingly lean workforce, outsourcing research and process development work can make a lot of sense. WaterSep’s application team offers you:

-Just-in-time available resources.
-Extensive know-how in membrane separation unit operations which assures you optimum results.
-Fast turnaround and tech transfer of developed processes.
-Affordable expertise.

Take advantage of a 50% discount for the first 10 customers to sign up for an application contract by September 30th, 2020.

Contact our application specialists and let WaterSep find the solution to your process development challenges at +1 508 970 0089 or