WaterSep BioSeparations is leading the evolution in single use, safe, ready-to-use hollow fiber crossflow filtration that dramatically reduces the time and cost of producing life changing therapeutics.

About WaterSep

WaterSep BioSeparations was formed with the goal in mind of introducing the most effective crossflow filtration products on the market. As filtration innovators we recognize the need to control the manufacturing and assembling of our cartridges from concept to completion. All our hollow fiber membranes are developed and manufactured in WaterSep’s ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. Our advanced membrane production processes guarantees reproducible, robust, high quality hollow fibers. All our cartridges are also assembled in our facility. WaterSep can also customize hollow fiber membranes and our cartridges to meet your specific needs.

Since the launch of our first hollow fiber cartridges in 2008, our products have evolved to included three product lines: single use Green Line, autoclavable Steamer Line, and the reusable ReUse Line; as well as single use crossflow assemblies, connectors, stands and pc embedded systems sized to fit your WaterSep cartridge and your process.

Executive Team

Attila Herczeg
Attila Herczeg

Chief Operating Officer

Bengt Persson
Bengt Persson


Susanne Healey, JD

Regional Counsel

Nancy Barton


Quality Assurance Team

WaterSep’s Quality Assurance Team is responsible for overseeing the company’s Quality Management System and its ISO 9001 certification. The QA Team supports customers by addressing their inquiries, responding to supplier questionnaires in a timely manner, and facilitating customer audits of WaterSep's operations.  To contact the Quality Assurance Team, call 508-970-0089  x207 or email them at