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WaterSep’s application specific, high-capacity, anti-fouling UF and MF hollow fiber membranes perform better, last longer, and save you money. Our new proprietary membrane technology manufactured in the USA at our purpose-built facility ensures complete quality control and results in enhanced product yields and less fouling. With more than 2000 products available in 3 lines, The ReUse Line , The Green Line and The Steamer Line and over 85 years of combined experience we have the hollow fiber product that will optimize your application and improve the economics of your cross-flow filtration processes.

Single Use Hollow Fiber Green Line

Eliminates the costs of validation and risks associated with cleaning and reusing membrane products

  • Glycerin free with 80x reduction in extractables
  • No cleaning or cleaning validation required
  • Gamma irradiated – ready to use
  • No humectants – no pre-rinse required
  • Self contained – no assembly – no hardware – no installation
  • Consistent membrane performance batch-to-batch
  • Individual cartridges or complete assemblies available
  • Lower cost of ownership compared to traditional cassette systems

Autoclavable Hollow Fiber Steamer Line

For those applications utilizing autoclaves to ensure sterility prior to use

  • Designed for perfusion and aseptic applications
  • Repetitively autoclavable
  • No humectants – ready to use
  • Single use or reuse
  • Cleanable with 1 M NaOH
  • Gamma irradiated
  • Batch-to-batch consistency

ReUse Hollow Fiber Line

For those standard applications where repeated cleaning is warranted

  • High product flux and total capacity
  • Low binding m-PES membrane – easy to clean
  • Self contained-no assembly-no hardware – no installation
  • Consistent membrane performance batch to batch
  • Easy and reliable scale up

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WaterSep showcased its innovative cross flow hollow fiber products at the American BioManufacturing Summit 2017, in San Diego, CA.

WaterSep received its ISO 9001:2015 certification, registration number 19.8073.

WaterSep’s Product Brochure now available

LOABeads MabKits, ProteinAKits and AffiAminoKits now available for high capacity purification of antibodies.

WaterSep introduces the mini-BioProducer, hollow fiber cartridges for cross-flow process development and small batch production (5-250L).

WaterSep moves into a new purpose-built facility for state of the art hollow fiber and cartridge fabrication.


WaterSep is looking for distributors for:

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Eastern Europe
  • South Africa


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