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Product Information Sheets
Click on the links below to download WaterSep Product Information Sheets for specific WaterSep hollow fiber cartridges. For assistance in choosing a membrane, click here, and/or contact us directly at 508-970-0089 x204 or at ExpertTalk@waterSep.net so that we can provide you with direct assistance in meeting your specific filtration needs.
Green Line Steamer Line ReUse Line
pdfDiscover12 Green
pdfDiscover24 Green
pdfExplorer12 Green
pdfExplorer24 Green
pdfExplorer41 Green
pdfResearcher12 Green
pdfResearcher24 Green
pdfResearcher41 Green
pdfInvestigator12 Green
pdfInvestigator24 Green
pdfInvestigator41 Green
pdfmini-BioProducer12 Green
pdfmini-BioProducer24 Green
pdfmini-BioProducer41 Green
pdfBioProducer12 Green
pdfBioProducer24 Green
pdfBioProducer41 Green
pdfMaximizer24 Green
pdf Maximizer41 Green
pdf Grand 24 XL Green
pdf Grand 43 XL Green
pdfDiscover12 Steamer
pdfDiscover24 Steamer
pdfDiscover41 Steamer
pdfExplorer12 Steamer
pdfExplorer24 Steamer
pdfExplorer41 Steamer
pdfResearcher12 Steamer
pdfResearcher24 Steamer
pdfResearcher41 Steamer
pdfInvestigator12 Steamer
pdfInvestigator24 Steamer
pdfInvestigator41 Steamer
pdfmini-BioProducer12 Steamer
pdfmini-BioProducer24 Steamer
pdfmini-BioProducer41 Steamer
pdfBioProducer12 Steamer
pdfBioProducer24 Steamer
pdfBioProducer41 Steamer
pdfDiscover12 ReUse
pdfDiscover24 ReUse
pdfExplorer12 ReUse
pdfExplorer24 ReUse
pdfExplorer41 ReUse
pdfResearcher12 ReUse
pdfResearcher24 ReUse
pdfResearcher41 ReUse
pdfInvestigator12 ReUse
pdfInvestigator24 ReUse
pdfInvestigator41 ReUse
pdfmini-BioProducer12 ReUse
pdfmini-BioProducer24 ReUse
pdfmini-BioProducer41 ReUse
pdfBeviProducer12 ReUse
pdfBeviProducer 24 ReUse
pdfBeviProducer41 ReUse
pdfBioProducer12 ReUse
pdfBioProducer24 ReUse
pdfBioProducer41 ReUse
pdfMaximizer24 ReUse
pdfMaximizer41 ReUse
pdf Grand 24 ReUse
pdf Grand 24 XL ReUse
pdf Grand 43 ReUse
pdf Grand 43 XL ReUse
Talk with an Expert-Spinning News

Talk with an Expert
If you're looking for some sound filtration advice for your application, call us at: 508-970- 0089 x204 or email an expert directly at: ExpertTalk

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